There's now a giant mural inspired by Kim Kardashian's nude selfie in Sydney

First it was Melbourne. Now it’s Sydney’s turn.

A giant mural of Kim Kardashian’s nude selfie, which went viral earlier this month has appeared on the streets of inner-city suburb of Chippendale.

Artist Lush Sux, who is believed to have been behind the 9-metre high mural of Kardashian’s selfie in Melbourne’s Cremorne, also claimed responsibility for the giant nude selfie mural on Teggs Lane in Sydney.

The mural in Melbourne was vandalised with crude messages but others have since taken a liking to it by posing nude in front of the mural.

The new addition to Sydney art has drawn mixed responses from local residents and passer-bys with one telling Nine News that “I don’t think the majority of us wants to have to see a huge Kim out their own bedroom window, let alone any Kim anything ever for that matter”.

Check it out in full here.

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