There's A Blog Tracking The Weirdest, Nonsensical Headlines From Bloomberg News

Bloomberg Terminal

Photo: Business Insider

Many ingenious blogs featuring hilarious themes have been born on Tumblr. There’s Texts From Hillary for the politically inclined, or Things Apple Is Worth More Than for the tech aficionados.Now comes a blog that anyone who follows financial news is sure to understand and get a laugh out of—Strange Bloomberg Headlines.

The tumblr blog is a collection of the wackiest headlines from Bloomberg, and has been posting headlines since February this year. [h/t @kaylatausche]

It describes itself as—”Headlines always try to cram a lot of information into a small number of words, but some Bloomberg headlines are in a class of their own.” No contact information or any other description is provided, so we can only guess who the curator of the blog may be.

Some recent gems listed on the site include “Kill Your Wife While Sleepwalking or Get Goldman Touch,” “Mississippi Whites Not Used to Help Back Republican Aid Cutters,” and “Laos Sates Culture Lust With Luang Prabang’s Papaya Body Scrubs.”

Check out the other headlines at Strange Bloomberg Headlines >

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