Keep Dreaming, There's No Way Apple Is Going To Give Away iPhone "Bumpers" For Free

iPhone 4 bumper

How is Apple going to appease the iPhone 4 owners who are experiencing antenna issues?

It’s not going to give away its “bumper” cases for free, as some have suggested.

Why not?

Because the whole point of the bumpers is that they are not free.

For a little piece of rubber, at $29, they are amusingly expensive — a great little profit centre for Apple. That’s why so much space in Apple’s retail stores is devoted to Apple-made and third-party iPhone and iPad cases; because they’re expensive. (Sure, it helps that they protect your phone, too. And that they fix the antenna problem. But that’s just gravy.)

There’s no way Apple is going to throw all of that profit away just because the company is getting some bad press — which will blow over — about the iPhone 4’s signal issues.

There are no huge lines of people returning iPhones because of the antenna issue. So Apple has no need to bribe people with free bumpers.

More likely: Apple may reduce the price of bumpers down to $15 or so, which is cheap enough that people won’t think twice about buying one, but still probably expensive enough to be significantly profitable.

But not free, which is a HUGE new can of worms to open. (Also, this is Apple. When is the last time it gave anything away for free, except the Apple logo stickers that come with its products?)

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