There's No Silver Bullet For Social Media

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All advertisers are seeking the Holy Grail of social media success, if for no other reason than cost-efficiency.

It’s not pixie dust, according to William Faust and Leigh Householder, of Ologie. The pair recently published an article outlining the keys to success for brands looking to extend themselves via the magic of Facebook or any of the other major social network sites.

There are three ingredients the pair says will work every time.

•Be knowable. Social media eschews com-
modities. It rewards brands that are distinct,
that have something real that consumers can
connect to.
•Be relevant. The right idea is about the
brand, but it’s also about the customer. It
answers the ongoing question, “Why should I
care about your brand today?”
•Be sharable. The social media message is
almost always different from the advertising
message. This makes it easy for someone to
proudly share that message with a friend.

Householder posted about the article and linked to a PDF at her advergirl site>

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