There's more evidence Sydney terrorist Khaled Sharrouf has been killed

Khaled Sharrouf with his son in one of his social media posts.

There a new reports that convicted Sydney terrorist, and known IS fighter, Khaled Sharrouf is dead after Australian Islamic State recruiter Neil Prakash tweeted a tribute to the jihadi fighter.

Prakash’s reference to “Abu Zarqawi Al Australi”, an alias used by Sharrouf, and “shahadah”, a phrase understood to reference dead IS fighters, supports the conjecture Sharrouf may have been killed.

There was speculation Sharrouf had been killed in an airstrike in June, however, Prakash’s new post suggests he has only died recently.

News Limited reports the fallen jihadi had been constantly bombarded by US-led coalition jets since the false reports were broadcast.

Since June, counter-terrorism authorities have been examining the possibility that Sharrouf faked his own death in order to get his family back into Australia.

At the time The Daily Telegraph reported officials were certain Sydney jihadist Mohamed Elomar was dead but there was no firm intelligence on Sharrouf’s death.

The latest evidence also incites a new terror threat against Australia.

Prakash ended the tweet: “Ya khanazeer (pigs) your pilots will suffer”.

Australia will implement a more detailed national terror attack alert system by the end of the year, in which the current four level system will be replaced by a five level system.

The new system — Not Expected, Possible, Probable, Expected and Certain — aims to better inform the community about specific threats and the level of precaution to be exercised.

You can read more about the levels here.

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