Kayakers Took This Incredible Footage Of Them Getting Stranded On Top Of A Whale

Picture: YouTube/gisela6652

Several incidents lately have highlighted the danger – to both parties involved – of humans interacting a little too closely with whales.

A surfer in Australia last year was lucky to survive after being knocked out by a whale’s tail.

Another group off a Sydney beach just over a month ago was chastised and threatened with fines after clearly agitating a migrating southern right whale.

And last week, a seaplane nearly landed on one in Alaska.

In Australia, swimmers are required to stay 30 metres from whales. Surfers and boats need to stay at least 100 metres away.

We’re not sure about the regulations off the coast of Argentina, but you can be pretty sure this type of behaviour isn’t going to go down too well with the Twitterati:

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