There's Going To Be A Dogecoin Car At Talladega

DogecarDogecoin FoundationA mock-up of what driver Josh Wise’s car could look like at Talladega

There’s going to be Dogecoin car at the Talladega this May.

The Dogecoin community has raised $US50,000 to sponsor#98 Josh Wise’s Ford at the annual Alabama megarace.

“We got the whole car, it’s going to be doged out to the limit,” Dogecoin Foundation rep Ben Doernberg told BI in an email.

From the Dogecoin community’s release:

The fundraiser began when members of reddit’s NASCAR community identified Josh Wise as an up-and-coming underdog driver in need of a sponsor. 8 days later, he now has the most wow sponsor in the history of NASCAR. “I can’t thank the Dogecoin and reddit community enough for the support,” said Wise, who drives for Phil Parsons Racing. “To the moon!”

Wise, 31, has been Tweeting about the news for the past 48 hours: