There are five members in One Direction, but their tour rider only asks for four dressing rooms

Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles. Picture: Getty Images

One Direction’s tour rider is out and it’s raising a few eyebrows.

You can read the full, eight-page document at The Smoking Gun here, but to be honest, it’s mostly tame compared to recent riders that have made the news. Although you could say it’s so tame, it’s even more interesting.

Here are the highlights:

Care to drive iD around? Non-English speakers need not apply

Toilet paper must be soft

They love their table games

Sticky lids are just gross and something that mums deal with, not cool pop star kids

There’s virtually no alcohol ordered

Although there is one request for a bottle of red wine (but just four glasses.) And three cases of beer for after the show, but there is also 30 people being carted around on tour, so that’s not a exactly whoopin’ it up level.

Some very specific requests about ambience, and one member likes a hard floor

But here’s the one that’s got one group of fans particularly excited:

Only FOUR dressing rooms. And one for someone who smokes.

So who misses out? Or do two 1D members like to share a room?

If you’re a Larry Shipper – part of the subsect of 1D fans that think Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson are an item, it’s a detail that’s too juicy to resist.

Sadly, there’s a more likely explanation:

But the true believers aren’t giving up, pointing to the fact the rider is dated March 9, a full 10 days before Zayn fled for home after being accused of cheating on his girlfriend.

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