Lawyers Demand The Prosecution Not Read The "Classified" Information On DSK's iPad And Cell Phones

As he was being ripped out his first class seat on an Air France aeroplane and arrested, Dominique Strauss-Kahn had his 3 cell phones and iPad confiscated.

And now his lawyers want to ensure that any information on his mobile devices stays confidential. According to le Figaro, in a letter to the prosecution team dated May 27, DSK’s lawyers wrote, “There might be phone messages left (out of mailbox) since the arrest of Mr. Strauss-Kahn, containing information relating to the preparation of his defence, which should not be heard by the District Attorney.”

What’s on the devices?

It might have to do with the IMF, and/or there might be personal calls.

The defence might not be able to suppress all of the files on the phone, like those made before his arrest, such as a call to his wife, Anne Sinclair, that DSK reportedly made on his way to the airport in order to tell her that there was a “serious problem.”

But obviously Strauss-Kahn’s lawyers don’t want his account to continue “streaming” information about his defence for the prosecution to read. Remember that confidential emails to another Frenchman in legal trouble, Fabrice Tourre, were read by the NYTimes just weeks ago because someone had found a mobile device on which his account was still active.

So they petitioned the judge to prevent the prosecution from reading those files made after his arrest.

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