There's been another earthquake off Queensland

Source: Geoscience Australia.

A magnitude 4 earthquake struck off Queensland’s Fraser Island this morning, almost two weeks after a bigger quake shook the region.

The ABC reports the earthquake hit at 11.07am off Fraser Island, in the same location as two quakes last month.

At the end of July a 5.3 magnitude earthquake struck 100km east off Fraser Island. It was the biggest earthquake in the region in more than a century, followed four minutes later by a 3.9 magnitude quake.

Geoscience Australia’s senior seismologist Spiro Spiliopoulos says he thinks the latest earthquake is an aftershock and warns more tremors could be on the way.

“Normally when you get a large earth quake of magnitude 5 you will get a series of aftershocks which will last for some days or weeks afterwards,” he said.

Today’s aftershock was detected in Hervey Bay and along parts of the Sunshine Coast.

There have been no reports of damage.

There’s more here.

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