VIDEO: There's been a large earthquake off Queensland

Source: Geoscience Australia

An underwater earthquake has been felt by people on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast after it hit just before 10am today.

The 5.3 magnitude earthquake struck 100km east of Fraser Island at 9.41am. It’s the biggest earthquake in the region in more than a century, but there is no tsunami warning. Geoscience Australia says the felt radius of the quake was 220km, but it was noticed further afield.

Brisbane residents felt the quake and high-rise buildings as far south as the Gold Coast and Tweed Heads were shaken.

There were no reports of damage but the team at Claytons Towing in Nambour caught the moment live:

More aftershocks are expected in the coming days and Geoscience Australia senior seismologist Jonathan Bathgate said there is the potential for a larger subsequent shock.

A second 3.9 magnitude quake struck the area four minutes later.

“We would expect aftershock activity and it generally decreases, but you do get occasions when there can be a larger shock and it’s certainly something we’re monitoring,” he said.

Bathgate said the earthquake occurred right on the continental shelf, and had the potential to cause an underwater landslide, but tsunami concerns are not triggered until a 6.5+ magnitude.

While it was significant, earthquakes around the 5 magnitude are not uncommon in Queensland. High-rise building played a part in people feeling the quake all the way down to NSW.

“The higher up you are, you tend to experience more shaking,” Bathgate said.

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