There's been a drastic shift in bets to Turnbull today

Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull (Photo: Getty)

Betting website Sportsbet has been running the odds on who will be the Coalition leader at the federal election next year and they’ve shifted dramatically today.

This morning Tony Abbott was the favourite at $2.30 compared to Malcolm Turnbull at $2.75.

However since the spill motion was revealed on Friday afternoon the odds have turned to favour Turnbull.

A short time ago Turnbull was sitting at $1.40 compared to Abbott at $3.50. Julie Bishop was at $4.50 this afternoon.

Here are the Sportsbet odds.

Source: SportsBet.

The site also has the Liberal spill motion passing during the party room meeting on Tuesday as the favourite.

Source: Sportsbet.

As for the odds for who could contest the leadership, Sportsbet has Turnbull unopposed as the leader at $1.65.

Since the spill news broke today the Sportsbet odds on who will win the next election have swung in favour of the Coalition. This morning it was split $1.85 for both the Coalition and labor parties. However this afternoon the site had the coalition at $1.75 and labor at $2.

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