There's Been A Big Drop In People Who Call Themselves Economic Conservatives

There’s an interesting survey from Gallup, which finds that fewer and fewer Americans refer to themselves as economic conservatives.

40-one per cent of Americans now characterise their economic views as “conservative,” or “very conservative,” the lowest since President Barack Obama took office in 2009 and on par with where views were in May 2008. This year’s downtick in the percentage of Americans identifying as economically conservative has been accompanied by an uptick in the percentage identifying as economically moderate — now 37% of Americans, up from 32% last year.

GallupOf course, the “conservative” identification on economic issues remains higher than any other choice. An economic liberalism remains very low.

But it’s not surprising that as the economy improves, and deficits shrink, people are identifying themselves more and more as moderates.

The salience of topics like austerity just aren’t that big when things seem to be going fine.

And unlike in 2011, if the GOP tries to make the debt ceiling a big issue, they’ll be much more out of step with the public than they were then then.

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