There's been a big bounce in trampoline injuries that's worrying doctors

Photo: Simon Thomsen

Doctors at Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick, have sounded the alarm over a dramatic jump in injuries linked the growing popularity of indoor trampoline centres. There concern stems from the fact that most injuries are easily preventable.

In the six months to January 2015, 40 children injured at indoor trampoline centres were admitted to hospital, while the number presenting at emergency and outpatients clinics has also risen.

Dr Christopher Mulligan from Sydney Children’s Hospital said that while the injuries varied, most were arm and leg fractures that led to operations.

“These figures are alarming because of the large numbers of serious injuries sustained at these centres. There have been a range of other injuries, like lacerations and soft tissue injuries as well. In one particularly serious case, a young lady sustained an unstable neck fracture, which needed complex spinal surgery,” he said.

While participants are made to sign waivers that absolve the operator of any liability, Dr Mulligan said the hospital has commissioned research to look at the factors causing the injuries and to reduce risk.

“We want to urge all parents and carers to follow simple preventative measures like, supervising children at all times, not allowing them to jump on a trampoline with others (particularly bigger children or adults), and ensuring there are no hazards located around the trampoline,” he said.

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