There's ant butter, bone marrow marmalade, cricket sprinkles and feral goat pies being served at the Opera House today

With so many people out there who don’t eat this or that — myself included — being a food rebel who eats everything is now a “thing”.

At the TedX Sydney event hosted by the Sydney Opera House these food rebels were celebrated with a menu consisting of what, in some circles, would be classed as road kill.

“Food rules can be subtle, strict, considered or unconscious, and we’ve all got them,” the TedX organisers said.

Today’s menu included a delightful compost tea, prawn heads, weeds, possum sausages, ant butter spread on bread and ash cakes with clotted cream and bone marrow marmalade.

The menu was put together to help people become aware of the realities around food production and waste in society.

Here’s a look at some of what was served up.

A selection of possum, wild bore and crocodile sausages.

The lines for the peculiar food were long.

Ant butter on bread.

Ant butter up close and personal.

There was a vegetarian version of the ant butter — seaweed butter.

Ash cakes with clotted cream and bone marrow marmalade.

Feral goat pies.

And finally cricket sprinkles.

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