There's an insane surfing competition on right now following Sydney's massive storm

One of this morning’s heats. Source: screenshot

The Red Bull Cape Fear surfing competition is one of those opportunist moments for daredevils, thrillseekers and the utterly fearless and right now it’s on in Sydney.

While the massive east coast low pounded the coastline from Brisbane to Tasmania, washing property into the sea, 16 of the world’s most fearless surfers are being towed onto waves by jet skis in 8, one-on-one surfing battles off Botany Bay in Sydney’s south.

Australian contest director and big wave surfer Mark Mathews says the surf is “the heaviest and most dangerous wave in the world”.

Mathews decided to hold the competition today after looking at the forecast over the weekend, saying it’s the best one he’s seen in 15 years. Among those competing is Australian Russell Bierke, who features in the clip above during today’s action.

After the first round the 4 highest placed winners will progress through to the final this afternoon, with the winner crowned the Red Bull Cape Fear Champion.

You can watch the action here.

Monday in the office in Sydney. Source: screenshot

* Editor’s note: Conditions got so bad, the organisers postponed the remainder of the event until tomorrow.

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