There's Absolutely No Doubt Eddie McGuire Dropped The C-Bomb On TV Last Night

Eddie McGuire has done it again.

The Collingwood Football Club president, commentator and co-host of Big Week In Footy, once again started digging his way out of trouble after he was caught on air calling Port Adelaide star Kane Cornes an “old c…”.

He quickly corrected himself with “old campaigner” but social media was already doing all it could to make sure the gaffe didn’t go unnoticed.

When questioned about it on this morning’s Today show, McGuire explained:

“As you know when you’re on air and you have a producer in your ear … I caught myself short on campaigner. It wasn’t aimed at anything like that.

“I sent him (Cornes) a text straight after the show as I started getting messages myself. We were all having a bit of a laugh about it. As if I would get on the 7.30 show and say the c-word intentionally.”

It’s just short of a year since McGuire made his biggest blunder on air, a shameful racist joke about Sydney Swans star Adam Goodes just days after a Collingwood fan called the dual Brownlow Medalist an “ape” on field.

For his part, Cornes enjoyed McGuire’s jibe:

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