There's A Spoof Twitter Account For Disgraced Ex-MP Eddie Obeid And It's Darkly Funny

It’s the nature of modern fame and infamy that you’re nobody until the internet starts sending you up.

By that criteria, a disgraced former NSW government minister and ALP powerbroker has finally come of age, with a droll satirical Twitter account @HonEddieObeid, roaring to life as disturbing revelations of political corruption continue to emerge at the NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption.

The account first appeared around the time of the ICAC’s first inquiry into Obeid’s actions while an MP, which led to adverse findings against him.

With the ICAC revealing such bold corruption that if it was an episode of House of Cards, you’d think the script implausible, at least ‘Eddie’ provides some darkly comic relief during the proceedings.

Here are a few of fake Obeid’s most recent observations:

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