There's a rumour that some of David Bowie's ashes went up in the Temple fire at this year's Burning Man

Picture: Dr. Yes/YouTube

Burning Man is the kind of scene where all sorts of outlandish stories and legends could originate, but this rumour has a nice sense of place.

Festival blog Burn.Life is reporting that some of David Bowie’s ashes were sent skyward in the huge blaze that engulfed the Temple installation at the end of the festival last week.

There’s no way to confirm it, as it was supposed to be a private ceremony.

Burn.Life’s Matt Mihaly said he’s “been sitting on some news that I didn’t want to post without consent from my sources” and he won’t reveal those sources.

But he did tell us that the ceremony:

  • Happened on Wednesday night
  • Was organised by Bowie’s goddaughter, not daughter Lexie as was originally reported, and
  • Most of Burning Man’s Placement Team was invited (the ones that decide where the theme camps will be located after said camps apply)
Picture: Getty Images

Mihaly said his source was on that team and the source described it as “a bunch of people walking and biking from her camp to the Temple with the ashes, with a couple of art cars playing Bowie tunes as they went”.

He said he’d share some photos if those involved were more willing to come forward, but for now, the moment will have to remain a rumour.

A very fitting rumour. We’ll let you know as soon as it is confirmed one way or another.

Until then, here’s a wonderful video from Burn.Life that shows just how well Bowie and Burning Man go together:

UPDATE: Bowie’s son Duncan Jones has denied the rumour, and a member of Bowie’s estate told The Independent: “There is no truth in the story.” Burn.Life is sticking with the story, with respect to Duncan Jones, citing “multiple sources” have now come forward.

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