There's A Possibility Of A Double-Nightmare Scenario In Greece...


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UPDATE: The nightmare scenario described below doesn’t look likely to happen now, as it appears that the pro-bailout coalition of New Democracy and SYRIZA will survive.

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ATHENS, GREECE — Quick note here while we watch the results come in in Greece

World markets and the Eurozone have always been concerned about the possibility of a SYRIZA/Tsipras victory, as the left wing party plans to reject and renegotiate the current bailout.

But if SYRIZA is the leader after tonight’s polls are counted, then we may see a double-crisis, because it’s not clear that they would have enough support to build a coalition government (whereas is New Democracy wins, then they’ll likely be able to get a coalition with PASOK and form a government.

So a narrow SYRIZA is a double-nightmare. First you have the left-wing party, and then you have the possibility of no government being formed.

There’s no way to know for sure, but this is one small possibility among many right now.

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