There's a plan to house terrorists in a privately run 'Australian Alcatraz' in Alice Springs

Picture: Getty Images

A business group in Alice Springs has proposed building a “centralised USA-style federal penitentiary” to house high-level terrorists in Central Australia.

The project was dubbed an “Australian Alcatraz” by NT Opposition Leader Gary Higgins, asking how the territory government can “even consider building the equivalent to Guantanamo Bay just down the road from some of the country’s most important cultural and tourism locations”.

But Chief Minister Michael Gunner told Question Time his government had no plans to build a prison “for the Australian Government to house a certain class of prisoner” in Alice Springs.

It would, however, “not stand in the way of private sector projects”.

The Alice Springs Major Business Group (ASMBG) wants the detention centre to be privately run, and built specifically to house criminals who have broken federal terrorism laws.

The ABC reports the group “hopes the project will woo private investment and create a new industry in the NT”.

It says there is a critical need for a “centralised USA-style federal penitentiary”. According to the ABC, the proposal has already been tabled in front of Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton.

You can read more about the “Australian Alcatraz” at the ABC.

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