There's A New Word To Describe Some Google Glass Users

Google glass in the wild

Venture capitalist John Doerr has been taking a good deal of ribbing for admitting that he likes to wear Google Glass while playing the game Scattergories with his family.

So the New York Times’ Claire Cain Miller reported last week in an article about how Doerr and other big VCs were pouring money into Glass startups.

Miller wrote:

“Mr. Doerr said he had been wearing the glasses and uses them especially for taking pictures and looking up words while playing Scattergories with his family, though it is questionable whether that follows the game’s rules.”

Computer security legend, Bruce Schneier, offered his two-cents on his blog today:

“Questionable? Questionable? It just like using a computer’s dictionary while playing Scrabble, or a computer odds program while playing poker, or a computer chess program while playing an in-person game. There’s no question at all — it’s cheating.”

Schneier then went on to point out that, “We’re seeing the birth of a new epithet, ‘glasshole.’ “

The Urban Dictionary, keeper of all things meme, defines “glasshole” as “a person who constantly talks to their Google Glass, ignoring the outside world.” In other words, going around saying, “Glass do this, Glass do that.”

But┬áSchneier has a point. Glass could also create a new kind of “glasshole,” someone who is quietly using the device to cheat at games, read email while hanging out with the spouse, or secretly take photos and videos of stuff.

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