There's a new way to see how much your neighbour's property is worth

Quinn Rooney/Getty Images

Everyone loves a good sticky-beak and now you can snoop on your neighbour’s property from the comfort of your own couch.

It was so popular this morning the site went down. To deal with the influx of users Domain had to add extra servers.

Domain has launched a new property profile feature which pulls data from around the web to show you how much either your own, or someone else’s, property is worth to buy or rent. It also shows you a bunch of photos of the place as well as sales and rental histories.

By entering an address into the Home Price Guide you can quickly get a good idea how much it’s worth and see similar properties around it to see if the valuation is on the money.

Domain has data on about 13 million homes around Australia, so there’s nowhere to hide.

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