There's A New Sunscreen In Australia That Helps Vitamin D Stimulating Rays Penetrate Your Skin

Image: Solar D sunscreen that helps your body naturally produce much-needed Vitamin D.

Medical reports suggest one in three Australians are Vitamin D deficient, so the folks at Solar D have created the world’s first sunscreen that opens the UVB window to allow your body to naturally produce Vitamin D.

A Harvard Medical School Journal report says traditional sunscreens filter the parts of UVB light that your skin uses to naturally create Vitamin D.

Medical experts at the National Cancer Institute (NCI) in the US evaluated the Vitamin D promoting sunscreen and here’s what they said:

“The proposed effort to develop a sunscreen formulation that protects against harmful UVA rays, but allows a percentage of the Vitamin D stimulating rays to penetrate is highly significant because insufficient Vitamin D is a causative factor in many cancers.

Diet and supplements are insufficient, but UV light is sufficient, to achieve the serum Vitamin D levels needed for protective effects.”

Solar D managing director Mathew Collett told Business Insider Australia that their sunscreen protects against melanoma-causing UVA rays but is unique in the fact that it allows some of the UVB rays to reach the skin.

“UVA rays penetrate deep into your skin and are considered to be quite dangerous, while UVB rays hit the surface of the skin, and while they can still cause sun spots, are not considered as dangerous,” Collett said.

“What we’ve created is a scientifically-proven product that helps open the window for some of those UVB rays to get through to the skin, while still blocking out 95-98 per cent of the harmful UVA rays”.

Collett says the natural process Solar D has patented can’t be replicated, and while supplements can help your body produce other essential vitamins – such as Vitamin A and Vitamin C – – research has shown that it doesn’t have the same impact as Vitamin D we get from the sun.

“It’s not like you can eat a certain vegetables or fruit or take a pill,” Collett added.

Collett also highlighted the medical benefits associated with the new product, of which Solar D own the patents, IP rights and global distribution rights.

“Background and research on Vitamin D is becoming more prominent in the fight against cancer,” he said.

“Most scientific studies indicate it has been a proactive agent against colon cancer and breast cancer…. there’s also research to suggest that it assists with mental illnesses, such as alzheimers, depression and has been linked to fighting all sorts of lung diseases and heart diseases.”

The Aussie sunscreen comes in both SPF30 and SPF50 protection and is oil-free and fragrance-free.

Former Miss Universe Australia 2012 Renae Ayris and popular stylist Jules Sebastian are on board as product ambassadors.

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