There's a new index out today that proves Sydney and Melbourne are both great cities to do business in

But Sydney has Chris Hemsworth in suits. Picture: Getty Images

They’re continually at war over which is the best city in which to live, but Melbourne and Sydney both do one thing equally well when it comes to doing business – dry cleaning.

The new liveability index in 2018 is the Dry Cleaning Index, released this week by UK dry cleaners Zipjet.

Zipjet commissioned the study in the belief suit-related services may somehow themselves contribute to global trade.

“Is there more competitive pricing in typically suit-wearing cities, or does it drive the price up due to demand?” it says.

So it focused on 100 suit-wearing cities around the world, and looked at the average price of cleaning 2- and 3-piece suits, as both a package deal and as separate jacket and trousers.

Founder and managing director of Zipjet, Florian Färber, went so far to say he hoped the index “might serve as a useful tool for young professionals searching for a lucrative yet affordable new city to call home”.

So here it is – the cheapest and most expensive cities in the world for dry cleaning. First, the nutshell:

  • Oslo, Norway is the most expensive city to dry clean a suit, at $US52.03, over 31% more expensive than the worldwide average, while Jakarta, Indonesia is the least expensive city for the same service, at $US2.20.
  • Russians are the biggest contributors to the dry cleaning economy, spending $US3,265,888,189 per year on dry cleaning suits.
  • Sydney, Australia ranks #50 in the index, costing $US13.30 to dry clean a single suit.

Most expensive (all prices in USD)

Dominated by Scandinavians. The dry cleaning business is great in Auckland, as well.

Image: ZipJet

Least hours required

Probably the key metric, and Melbourne and Sydney share a spot right near the top. Equal 4th-6th.

Image: ZipJet

Most hours required

Nigeria probably isn’t the most practical country for a suit anyway.

Image: ZipJet

Least expensive

Shanghai is the standout here in real dollar terms for young professionals.

Image: ZipJet

Most spend by country

Despite having to work 16 hours to dry clean a single suit, Russians are still close to the world’s No 1 when it comes to annual spend:

Image: ZipJet

The full table is available here from ZipJet.

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