There's A Much Better Way To Eat Apples

The way most people eat apples wastes a lot of the fruit. 

This according to Elie Ayrouth at Foodbeast, who says a coworker tipped him off to a better way to approach the food. 

“He stood up from his seat, grabbed the apple from my hand, plucked the stem, and took a bite right through the top of the apple,” Ayrouth writes. “In between bites, Geoff managed, ‘see, eating it from the sides is wasteful. But if you eat it from the top, the core doesn’t even exist.'”

Eating the apple from the top down ensures that you get some of the soft, desirable fruit in every bite. 

Ayrouth estimates that you get 15 to 30% more of the apple by eating it this way. 

Here’s a video Foodbeast made explaining the method: 

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