There's a massive shift in the way people are watching TV

While mobile devices are driving a significant uptick in digital video consumption in the US, OTT devices like smart TVs, connected devices, and gaming consoles are driving long-form premium content, according to a new report from Hulu. The popularity of OTT devices and time-shifted viewing habits for premium content drove OTT devices to account for almost 60% of all streams on Hulu in the first quarter of 2015.

  • The share of video streams on PCs has fallen sequentially, and it will likely continue to do so in the quarters to come. In the most recent quarter, PCs accounted for less than one-fourth of Hulu’s digital streaming, down from 41% the same time last year.
  • Mobile is holding steady. Mobile devices accounted for 17% of Hulu’s streams in the most recent quarter, which held steady from Q3 2014. This share is unlikely to remain flat, as greater phablet adoption in the US, among other factors, helps drive mobile video consumption.

Hulu ascertains that mobile’s stagnant share, combined with the drop in PC viewing, points to a growing trend of living room streaming habits. When content is streamed to a large screen, viewers tend to watch with friends and family; OTT devices average 1.4 viewers per stream, and for certain programming, the “co-viewing” factor, as Hulu calls it, can reach an average of two viewers per stream.

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