There's a lot to learn from this 10-year-old girl competing in the swimming world championships

Alzain Tareq is a swimming sensation.

At just 10 years old the girl from Bahrain is competing at the World Swimming Championships in Russia – the youngest ever competitor at the meet.

The pocket rocket qualified with a time of 41.12 seconds for the 50 metre freestyle event, the slowest in the group, but her personal best of 38.21 places among her fellow competitors near the back of the pack.

The ABC reports, Tareq has been swimming since the age of four, supported by her father, former professional swimmer Tareq Salem. She has been competing in Bahrain since the age of seven.

“I have so many tournaments under my belt – not such international global championships, but still, I am scared of no one and nothing!” she told the event organising committee.

“The most important thing for me is to gain experience of competing at high-profile events, watch the technical skills of famous Olympic champions and maybe even add some of their skills to my armoury,” she said.

And it’s that confidence and resilience Tareq will need when she competes, having already faced criticism over her inclusion at the Championships.

“It is quite logical. I’m the fastest swimmer in Team Bahrain,” she said defiantly.

In a short statement FINA, the governing body of the meet, said: “rules are rules and there is no age limit for competitors.”

The ABC has more.

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