There's A Job On Airtasker Paying $150 For Someone To Line Up At The Australian Game Of Thrones Exhibition

Lines at the Game Of Thrones exhibition in Sydney have been over four hours long this week as punters queue to get a look at the show.

But one keen fan really doesn’t want to waste his time standing in line and has posted a job on Airtasker, looking for someone to queue up for him at the Museum of Contemporary Art exhibition on Saturday.

The Airtasker user is offering $150 to the person who holds two spots in the line for him.

So far the user has received three offers to complete the task and one compelling sales pitch.

One user said: “I will line up like nobody has lined up before. People will see my line up skills and look away, too scared to see lining up done so beautifully! People will see me in the streets and whisper amongst themselves, ‘that’s the liner uperer'”.

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