Fire Scare At BusinessWeek's Office ... As The Company Fires Its Employees*

fireman kitten

Updated to reflect a second source saying there was smoke, but no fire.

We just got a call from a source at BusinessWeek who says everyone is evacuating the office.

Not because Bloomberg is cleaning house today, which it is, but because there’s a fire on the 43rd floor of the McGraw Hill building where BusinessWeek operates.

Someone shouted there was a fire and everyone got the heck out the offices, according to the person we spoke with.

According to another source, there was a motor or something in a ceiling throwing off smoke, alerting everyone.

So, on the day Bloomberg fires a bunch of BusinessWeek employees, there’s a fire evacuation in the office. Weird, right?

One more source at the company chimed in to tell us that some of the staffers just went across the street to drink at the City Lobster. There they drowned their sorrows with employees that were fired today.

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