This picture was tweeted out by MyFoxNY.

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There are a flurry of tweets that a dolphin has been spotted in the East River near 96th street.

At least one person saw the dolphin this morning “swimming in circles between the Randall’s Island pedestrian bridge and Mill Rock,” according to the blog Out Walking The Dog

NBC New York reporter Brynn Gingras confirms that there is a dolphin in the river and that the animal appears to be healthy. Conservation police have arrived on the scene, she tweeted.  

“The mammal appeared to be making its way out of Manhattan and towards Queens” shortly after 11 a.m., reports

We’re pretty confident that this dolphin is not related to those escaped Ukrainian killer dolphins, but still, how did it get in there?  

It’s not unprecedented for dolphins to turn up in New York City rivers. A dolphin was caught swimming around the Hudson last year. A similar incident occurred in the East River in 2010.

Sadly for everyone involved, a dolphin recently died in the Gowanus Canal after being trapped and confused there for the better part of a day. That one seemed to be injured and sick, observers said.

Apparently people are supposed to contact the Riverhead Foundation in these types of situations and they send out their wildlife experts to assess the dolphin’s health and decide whether or not it needs help getting out of the river back to where it came from, probably New York Harbor. Passers-by should not try to feed or touch the dolphin, the organisation warns.