There’s a chance Angus Young might join Guns n’ Roses on-stage in Sydney

The ultimate reunion? Picture: Getty Images

The reviews are in and Guns n’ Roses smashed it in Brisbane.

Axl, Slash and Duff McKagan hit the stage in Brisbane for the first Australian concert of their Not In Your Lifetime tour on Tuesday night, and no one was disappointed.

Axl still had it. Slash just gets better with age.

The set list sparked a few gripes from diehards, but how can you go wrong here?


It’s the first time the trio have played together in Australia since the infamous Calder Park gig in 1993, and on Friday and Saturday, it’s Sydney’s turn.

Andrew Ong lives in Melbourne, is 41 and has seen Guns n’ Roses in concert around the world something like 10 times.

“I’m not a collector or an obsessed trainspotter type, just an avid fan,” he says. “With an understanding wife.”

He’s also got strong links with one of history’s most iconic rock bands.

Ong, along with fellow admins Rob Rosenberg, Kym Gibbs and Dave Boden, set upFacebook fan page Guns Over Oz, which has become a great go-to resource for the 200,000-odd Gunners fans counting down the days to when they’ll see the band return to Australia in its most original form since the Calder Park gig.

It was Ong who broke the news of a February tour. He knew because Duff McKagan had told him personally, at a party in LA last year:

Duff McKagan and Andrew Ong. Picture: Getty Images

Releasing that news early didn’t go down too well with the tour promoters but it definitely helped swell Guns Over Oz’s fanbase to some 29,000 looking for the latest rumours around the band’s return to Australia. And today, he’s getting excited about this Instagram post by GnR manager Fernando Lebeis:

I have missed these two, Angus and Ella. AC⚡️DC Family.

A photo posted by Fernando Lebeis (@flebeis) on

Obviously, there’s some sadness associated with it. Angus’s brother Malcolm is ill, and if that doesn’t confirm Angus is in Sydney by his side, this tweet from McKagan certainly does:

But it also means there’s a possibility the legendary rocker might join Guns n’ Roses on stage.

The Gunners in Brisbane. Picture: Getty Images

When he met McKagan, Ong was in LA for the first gig of the reunion tour, at Coachella. He also got to see Angus Young join the show.

Now he says Guns Over Oz “has confirmation” Guns n’ Roses has “rehearsed a couple of AC/DC songs (most likely Riff Raff and Whole Lotta Rosie)”.

“They also rehearsed Rose Tattoo’s Nice Boys,” Ong said. He hopes the Gunners will at least invite Angry Anderson out for the song.

“How amazing would that be?”