There's 4 Very Weird Things About That Mummy A Boy Found In His Granny's Attic

Picture: Lutz Wolfgang Kettler

The story started out bizarrely enough when 10-year-old Alexander Kettler found a mummy in his granny’s attic.

As in, a proper mummy, wrapped in bandages and all, in a sarcophagus and wearing a death mask.

That was just over a month ago in a home in Diepholz, northern Germany and at the time, the boy’s father, dentist Lutz Wolfgang Kettler, told the local paper he thought the sarcophagus and mask might be fake.

He was sure, however, that the mummy was the real deal. His own father had travelled to North Africa in the 1950s – a time when there was a popular trade in mummies.

So much so, it was even a bit rendy to host a “mummy unwrapping” party.

A couple of days ago, Kettler held his own unwrapping party with an x-ray machine at Munich’s Bogenhausen hospital.. and things got weird.

Here’s the key takeouts:

1 – The skull had an arrow sticking out its left eye

2 – There’s a metal layer covering the bones of the 1.49m long body

3 – The bandages date from the 20th century and are machine-woven

And the cherry on top:

4 – While the skull and the bones are real, the mummy is “a fake, made from one or several human bodies”.

All that leaves Kettler with “questions upon questions”, and the kind that local police are now asking.

“We’ll wait until we know how old the bones are,” police spokesman Frank Bavendiek told German news agency DPA.

“If they are a few hundred years old, then it’s a mummy and we won’t investigate.”

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