$140 Million, Belonging To 305,000 People, Sits Unclaimed In NSW Government Coffers. Here's How To Get It

The NSW Government has nearly $140 million in unclaimed cash sitting in Treasury coffers and surprisingly, is willing to give it up to its rightful owners.

The money is in 305,000 individual payments, which includes refunds, overpayments, cheques, interest payments, proceeds of sale and even unclaimed royalties. Some are as small as $20, others amount to thousands of dollars and Dominic Perrottet, NSW minister for finance and services, says people can check to see if it belongs to them through the Office of State Revenue’s online unclaimed money tool.

“Often money gets lost when people move house or change address and fail to notify the payer, such as a bank, financial institution or utility company. Using the online search tool is easy and straightforward and it only takes around five minutes to find what could potentially be thousands of dollars,” he said.

To see if the cash belongs to you, check it out here.

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