There's nothing like America's most expensive weapons system ever

F35 family skitchLockheed Martin/Amanda Macias/Business InsiderAll three Lockheed Martin F-35 variants at Edwards Air Force Base, California.

America’s most expensive weapons system ever built is on track for “initial combat use” by September 2016.

Business Insider recently toured Lockheed Martin’s massive production facility in Fort Worth, Texas, where the three F-35 Lightning II variant aircrafts are designed and manufactured.

The $US400 billion and counting F-35 program has so far delivered 140 of the anticipated 2,443 jets to the US Department of Defence and five aircraft to foreign military buyers.

Here is a look at the unique capabilities of the F-35 variant aircraft:

The lightest of the jets is the F-35A:

The F-35B is in the middle at 14.3 feet tall and weighs 32,300 pounds.

The F-35C is the tallest and the heaviest:

New skitch again :(

Lockheed Martin/Amanda Macias/Business Insider

The F-35A and F-35B have the same wingspan and nearly the same length:

Designed for the Navy, the F-35C features longer wings to create drag for the jet to slowly land on aircraft carriers:

The F-35C has another unique wing design:

The F-35A is the only variant aircraft that has an internal gun; aside from that, the jets have similar designs:

All three variants are coated with a special material to avoid radar:

The F-35’s have serious fire power:

Weapon bays

Lockheed Martin/Amanda Macias/Business Insider

The F-35C carries 19,750 pounds of fuel, the most fuel of the variant aircraft. All jets have the capability to be refueled in air:

The F-35A is refueled differently:

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