There Is A New Donkey Kong World Champion

Everyone’s got to have a hobby, right?

World, we have a new King of Kong.

Ownership of the highest Donkey Kong score is arguably the holiest grail in world gaming, helped by the success of the 2007 documentary, The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters.

That unmissable movie documented the intense rivalry of uber-geeks Billy Mitchell and Steve Wiebe to claim the title, but both were usurped by Hank Chien’s 1,061,700 points in 2010.

Chien’s owned it since the end of 2010, but according to donkeykongblog, all three can now bow down to relative newcomer Robbie Lakeman.

Lakeman uploaded footage of his record attempt to Twitch on Friday night, and three hours, 12 minutes later, the result was there for all to see.

1,141,800 points.

Lakeman is just the fifth player to set the record on a Donkey Kong arcade machine.

Read the full history of what it took for Robbie Lakeman to become Donkey Kong champion at donkeykongblog.