Pilot Confirmed Dead After An RFS Plane Crashed Near Ulladulla

Photo: Getty

A Rural Fire Service plane crashed near Ulladulla earlier today, sparking a bushfire around the site which is hindering recovery efforts.

NSW Police have confirmed the 43-year-old pilot died in the crash, after emergency services officers reached the site this afternoon.

Rescue crews had been sent to the area, including a helicopter. The pilot was the only person on board.

There were reports the chopper tried to winch paramedics down, though had to pull out due to strong winds.

Earlier, Rural Fire Service Deputy Commissioner Rob Rodgers had refused to comment on reports a body had been seen near the wreckage.

“Until such time as we have any confirmation of anything, the condition is unknown,” he said according to Fairfax.

“All I can tell you about that is that I can confirm there was a fixed-wing bomber working on fires down in the Ulladulla area. That aircraft has crashed.”

It is believed the wing snapped off the water-bomber, which is contracted to the RFS after it took off this morning.

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