There Are Some Wild Differences In What Online Shoppers Search For Across Australia's States

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The average spend by Australians shopping for high fashion online jumped by $100 to $350 over the last 12 months, according to the fashion search engine

The average spend of $350 was detected since the start of March and reflects searches and purchases via across the mainland states.

According to usage statistics, the designer every state seems to have on a wish list is top end Christian Louboutin, famous for the red on sole of the shoes.

However, distinct shopping styles have emerged state-by-state as the weather starts to leave autumn and ease to winter.

ASOS Fitted Onesie

In Adelaide, there must be a lot of people planning mid-year holidays because searches for luggage and bikini bottoms entered the top 20.

In Victoria, there’s a love of the label happening with searches and purchases of Givenchy, Salvatore Ferragamo, Prada handbags and some well dressed children will have baby Dior soon.

Staying south, people from Melbourne are also searching for Onesies, not the plain baggy type but the figure-hugging fitted styles.

This compares to New South Wales where there’s footwear frenzy, buying over-the-knee boots, leopard prints, warm winter boots, tan ankle boots and wedge sneakers.

Queensland looks like it’s still partying with searches for “dance party dresses”, “black heart playsuit”, “cream lace dress” and the iconic little “black dress”.

Laura Yeomans, country manager of, says it’s always interesting to see what people are looking for.

Paris Fashion Week. Pierre Suu/Getty Images

“There are the obvious stereotypes, the celebrity inspired trends and world famous designer searches but then are those that I think many would prefer to remain anonymous,” she says with a laugh.

“Overall, this data shows Australians, with their state differences, have a great sense of style mixing both fashion forward/on-trend with classic staples and quirky statement pieces.” is part of Allure Media, publisher of Business Insider Australia.

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