A Celebrity Doctor In Australia Is Missing $1.3 Million Worth Of Supercars

geoffrey edelsten doctorDr. Geoffrey Edelsten

Photo: http://www.geoffedelsten.com.au

Australian doctor-to-the-stars Geoffrey Edelsten is a few cars light this week, and it could be a lot worse.According to the New Zealand news website Stuffthieves made away with two Lamborghini Aventadors priced at almost $750,000 a piece, a Mercedes SLS “Gullwing” worth nearly $500,000, and finally, the jalopy of the group, a BMW 335i, valued at around $100,000.

The automotive bandits are said to have snagged the Lambos and the Mercedes Sunday, and then returned Monday to drive off in the BMW by exploiting the same security breach in the parking lot of Edelsten’s luxury apartment building. 

Luckily for Edelsten, the former owner of an Australian rules football club, the two Aventadors were recovered by police soon after the break-in and authorities pledge to find the other two missing vehicles, Stuff reported. If not, Edelsten’s collection will be short a BMW and a Mercedes, though his nearly $6 million car stable should help cushion the blow. A few Ferraris and Bentleys will do that. 

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