There Are Some Entrepreneurial Types Hanging Out In The Line At Apple's Sydney Store

Waiting for the new iPhone 6 is a tiring task plenty of people are taking on, lining up outside Apple Stores around the world.

It’s a site that is all too familiar, crazed Apple users waiting day and night for weeks on end just to get their hands on the latest iGadget.

But there are some entrepreneurial types who are taking advantage of the hype.

These two have gone and purchased camping chairs and stools in bulk, which sell for about $5 a piece at your local Kmart and are on-selling them to the sore-legged people in the Sydney Apple line on George Street.

The camp stools are $15 a pop while the lux camp chairs are $20 each. They’re also doing deals. With two stools for $25 or if you buy two chairs they’ll whack $5 off the price for you as well.

These entrepreneurs also have a bunch of snacks and water to abate dehydration and hunger.

Someone give these two a job at Myer.

The iPhone 6 is out on Friday.

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