There Are No Plans To Heighten Security For This Sunday's London Marathon

boston marathon

In the aftermath of the tragedy at the finish line of the Boston Marathon, officials have announced that the London Marathon will take place as schedule this Sunday. However, there are no plans as of yet to increase security.

Hugh Robertson, the United Kingdom’s Minister for Sport, spoke with BBC Radio this morning and said he was confident the race would happen safely (via The Guardian).

“We are absolutely confident here that we can keep the event safe and secure,” said Robertson. “The best way to show solidarity with Boston is to continue and send a very clear message to those responsible.”

According to Laura Smith-Spark of CNN, police and marathon officials are “reviewing” the race’s security, however, there was no indication at this time that any changes would be made, noting that they already have “robust security measures in place” to protect the 37,500 runners.

The Hamburg marathon is also scheduled for Sunday with more than 15,000 runners. And according to theĀ New York Times, the head of that race’s organising body said “at the moment there is no cause to change anything.”

The biggest concern appears to be “copycat” attacks, in which others attempt to mimic the attack in Boston. But unfortunately, when dealing with races that involve thousands of participants and spectators spread out over an entire city, there may be only so much security forces can do.

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