There are more old mobile phones than people in Australia

Getty/Max Whittaker

As the trend to get a new phone every year rises in Australia, so does the number of old handsets in drawers across the country. It’s risen to a huge 25.5 million, with an estimated 4 million of those believed to not even work anymore.

Smartphone recycling service MobileMuster says that consumer smartphone saturation and a hoarding behaviour in Australians have created a “critical mass” of mobile phone clutter.

“With the number of hoarded mobile phones for the first time ever surpassing the Australian population figure, we want people to start thinking about the environmental benefits of recycling their old mobiles,” Spyro Kalos, recycling manager at MobileMuster says.

Peter Walksh, a de-cluttering expert (we didn’t know that was a real thing either), added that, “When a home is overrun with clutter it robs us emotionally, financially, socially as well as disrupting the peace and calm in our own homes. To relieve stress and anxiety one of the easiest things Australians can do is to de-clutter – starting first and foremost with their old mobile phones.”

“So, dig up your mobile phone graveyard and recycle your old phones, cords and accessories that will only give you a headache, trip you up and create a tangled mess in your life. Now is the perfect time for hoarders to come clean.”

The message? Recycle your darn phones.