There Are Australians Trapped In A South Sudan City Which Is Taking Machine Gun Fire

Getty/Paula Bronstein

Australian citizens are among three thousand foreigners trapped in the South Sudan city of Bor, which is being targeted by rebel forces with machine gun fire.

News reports say there are Australian, Canadian, British and Kenyan nationals taking refuge at a UN base in the city, after a week of violence in the country which has seen up to 1000 people killed.

Bor is being cleared ahead of a massive assault by government troops who are hoping to clear the area of rebel forces.

United States military aircraft were forced to abandon a rescue operation in the city at the weekend after their aircraft took rebel fire. President Barack Obama has sent around 45 defence force members to protect US citizens and interests.

Rebel forces are fighting the central government in the African nation, with fears the violence could spill into a full blown civil war. France has deployed soldiers to assist African Union troops who are battling the rebels.

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