There Are Almost 900 Different App Developers That Have Over 1 Million Active Users

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There Are Almost 900 Different App Developers That Have Over 1 Million Active Users (Flurry)

App analytics company Flurry took another look at the current state of the overall app economy. Flurry found that growth has been especially strong from the “middle class” of app developers, or those that are not quite big enough to have an app reach the top charts.

Growth in the number of independent app developers that have a worldwide audience of over 1 million monthly active users has reached 118% since the first quarter of 2012. The total number of developers has gone from 475 to just under 900.

For developers with a worldwide audience of over 20 million monthly active users, the total number has gone from 7 to 32 developers over the same period. That equates to growth of 357%.

It’s a clear sign that the overall app economy is far from saturation and that there is still opportunity for new developers to enter the market and maintain a robust audience. These numbers also indicate that mobile users still carry a high demand for new content and new apps. Read >

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