There Are A Lot Of People In The NBN Zone Who Haven't Connected To The Service

The company building Australia’s National Broadband Network, NBN Co, has conceded it needs to do a better job and is changing its plans to deliver faster broadband around the country.

NBN Co released its unaudited March quarter results today and in the nine months to March 31, the company posted an operating loss of $1.117 billion, off the back of $69.8 million in revenue.

At the end of March there were 166,642 premises with an active NBN service, a 27% increase quarter-on-quarter but NBN Co said the network had passed 512,659 fixed line and fixed wireless premises.

This means there are a possible 346,017 premises at the end of March which are in the NBN network but are not connected.

It’s important to understand however that wireless can blanket an area, some premises may not want to connect to the network and others could possibly be having problems connecting.

Newly appointed CEO Bill Morrow said the company has been focused on building the network rather than connecting people.

“The primary focus for management has been on building the network rather than connecting families and businesses,” Morrow said.

“We need to do both and we need to do them better.”

To do this Morrow said NBN Co is changing its construction plans, so its partners will install lead-ins and connection boxes to the outside of the home at the same time fibre is being rolled out in the street.

“The aim is to increase the number of homes and businesses that are more easily able to connect to the NBN when it becomes available in a neighbourhood,” he said.

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