There Are 713 Different Recordings Of Waltzing Matilda, Australia's Unofficial National Anthem

Photo: Shutterstock

Waltzing Matilda is Australia’s unofficial national anthem.

Many say Banjo Paterson’s words are more popular than Advance Australia Fair. They are certainly easier to remember.

At the National Film and Sound Archive, Graham McDonald is THE international expert on recordings of Waltzing Matilda.

He says there are 713 different recordings of Waltzing Matilda in the archive collection covering classic to country, big band to punk, rock and roll, jazz improvisations, classical and yodelling.

The first recording was in 1926 by tenor John Collinson.

Graham McDonald’s personal favourite is the square dance version by Gary Cohen, recorded in the 1950s.

Here’s a compilation of 30 versions of Waltzing Matilda from Diana Trask to Andre Rieu to Harry Belafonte to The Bushwackers here:

Pick one for Australia Day. Punk or Classic?

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