You Will Be Inexplicably Fascinated By These Then & Now Pictures Of Iconic Actors In Bit Roles

jaws skinnydipper


You’d know these former celebrities from one iconic role, photo or event. Since then, they’ve faded from the spotlight. After seeing what the sexy nurse from Blink 182 looks like today, we decided to do a little digging and hunt down more celebrities.

From the skinnydipper in “Jaws” to the baby from Nirvana’s “Nevermind” check out what these people look like today.

We tracked down Bluhm on Facebook. Today, he's married with two kids.

Matthews is an heiress to the Hyatt hotel fortune and lives in Chicago. She volunteers and fundraisers for African poverty.

We found Toby on Facebook. Today he is married and working as an artist.

Joseph Cross played little Charlie Cross in the 1998 movie starring Michael Keaton.

Today, Spencer is 21 and an aspiring artist.

According to her LinkedIn profile, Laenger lives in California and works as a stylist.

You've seen what has-been celebrities look like today....

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