Watch A Group Of Tourists Run For Their Lives While They Pretend To Be Illegal Immigrants Crossing The Border

Sirens blare in the background as your guide shouts at you to take cover. Immigration officials are coming.

And just as you think you’re done for and that all your hopes and dreams of reaching a better life are at an end, you realise you’re just in a theme park.

Alberto, Mexico, is home to the theme park La Caminata, where visitors can pay $18 to learn what it’s like to cross into the U.S. illegally, the New York Daily News reported Monday.

Employees play “coyotes,” guides for immigrants, while others portray immigration agents patrolling the border.

Tourists traipse along a nearly 8-mile hike — fraught with border patrol agents carrying sirens — where they have to climb under fences, hide in the bushes, and “most importantly, hit the ground if they see a flashlight,” The Huffington Post reported Sunday.

“What we try to do here is raise consciousness about the suffering of the migrant,” guide “Poncho” said of the park, according to the Daily News.

But don’t worry, the park is meant to discourage immigration, not enable it.

“Some people think we are training people,” tour guide Julian Garcia told The Huffington Post. “If we were training them, we’d make it much harder!”

Watch a group of tourists try their hand at illegal immigration, courtesy of

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