The Year's Sundance Film Leader Only Cost $17,000 To Make


Amid the flurry of high-profile acquisitions at this year’s Sundance Film FestivalBrit Marling‘s Another Earth and The Devil’s Double among them—a deranged love story made for just $17,000 and boasting homemade flamethrowers and whiskey-dispensing muscle cars has emerged as the leader of the pack.

Bellflower tells the tale of Woodrow, a soft-spoken gearhead played by writer/director Evan Glodell who, along with his best friend Aiden (Tyler Dawson), grew up idolizing Lord Humungus, the charismatic, muscle-bound leader of a vicious motorcycle gang in The Road Warrior. The directionless duo spend all their time building flamethrowers and various other weapons in preparation for the apocalypse, which would clear a path for their made-up gang, “Mother Medusa,” to rule the earth. Woodrow then hooks up with blond bad girl Milly (Jessie Wiseman), and the two go off on a romantic road trip to Texas, guzzling mini Dixie cups of whiskey along the way courtesy of a dispensing device in his customised Volvo. Shortly after their return, Woodrow catches his love having sex with her sleazy roommate, gets in a near-fatal motorcycle accident, and transforms into a brain-damaged nihilistic loner who drives around in a muscle car with fuel-injected exhaust flamethrowers called the Medusa, beds his best friend’s crush, and makes Milly’s life a living hell. The cinematic chimera was inspired by a traumatizing breakup suffered by Glodell.

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