The WSJ Has A New Weekly Power Index, And Wall Streeters Make An Impressive Showing

David Einhorn

The Wall Street Journal makes an excellent point — in NYC, money can be easier to come by, and to keep, than power.

That’s why the paper created the NYIndex, a weekly ranking of who’s winning and who’s losing the New York City power game. You can even see charts of where people’s rankings are going.

From WSJ:

This NYIndex is a new way of looking at power and fame and infamy in the city. It examines information and data and headlines and offers real-time snapshots of people’s rises and falls. This is not a power list: It is a living thing. You can touch it; literally, you can click in and participate. Or just use it to track trends. You will recognise some of these powerful names. Others, you won’t. It will change every week. Hopefully, it will fascinate you and maybe motivate you. Just like power does every day in the most powerful city on earth.

There’s a general Top 10, a People’s Pick list, and Top 10 lists broken down by industry (finance has its own list of course).

Zero Wall Streeters made it to this week’s Top 10, but they make a strong showing on the People’s Pick List — Jamie Dimon, Lloyd Blankfein, George Soros, and Carl Icahn all make that cut.

As for the finance list, you won’t be surprised to see that Jamie Dimon made #1, but the #2 pick surprised a bit — Vikram who?

As for movers and shakers, David Einhorn made gains while Vikram Pandit took a hit — that sounds more like it.

To see the full lists, head to WSJ>

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